Adverse Effects of Abortion

Abortion is a controversial subject all over the world. The divide in this debate is, however, often confined to the question of morality. Pro-choice individuals view abortion as an act that allows women to have control over their bodies and health. Anti-abortion activists, on the other hand, consider abortion as an immoral act because it involves the killing of a newborn. A discussion on the adverse effects of abortion does not, however, dwell on the issue of morality. It takes a scientific approach by examining the possible side effects of abortion and in the process helps people to make informed choices. These are some of the adverse effects of abortion:

Emotional and Psychological Side Effects

These may be some of the most adverse effects of abortion. Research has shown that emotional and psychological side effects of abortion are more common than the physical side effects. While some women may experience a sense of relief after procuring abortion, others develop a feeling of guilt. These side effects can vary from mild regret to more serious mental health issues such as depression. Women can experience a sense of loneliness or isolation after procuring an abortion. This can, in turn, lead to depression, a serious mental health condition that can also drive patients to develop suicidal thoughts.

Damage to the Cervix

ex rayThe cervix plays a vital role in maintaining a pregnancy to term. Abortion can lead to the weakening of the cervix. The incompetence or weakening of the cervix can result in preterm labor or a miscarriage caused by the pressure and weight placed on the cervix as the pregnancy progresses. Cervical incompetence occurs especially in the second trimester and is a leading cause of miscarriage among women. Even though many women that procure abortion do not experience cervical weakening, it is a risk that cannot be ignored due to the adverse effects.

Uterine Scarring

Uterine scarring makes it difficult for women that have procured abortion to fall pregnant again. It hinders pregnancy by limiting blood supply to the endometrial lining. In other cases, the cavity can be completely scarred. A scarred uterus also makes it difficult for an embryo to attach itself to the endometrium. Scar tissue can also act as a physical barrier for sperm to fertilize an egg by entering the upper parts of the uterus. Uterine scarring is, therefore, a major cause of infertility after abortion.

Heavy Bleeding

bleedingHeavy and consistent bleeding can occur after an abortion procedure. It can lead to significant loss of blood that places the health of the woman in danger. Vaginal bleeding can be caused by an infection or other complications experienced during an abortion. Bright red blood should be a major cause for worry because it may be an indication of a serious complication resulting from the abortion procedure. It is always advisable to seek immediate medical attention when abnormal bleeding is experienced after an abortion procedure.

Serious complications resulting from abortion may not be common but are nevertheless possible. It is important for individuals seeking to undergo abortion procedures to be aware of these side effects to make informed choices.